Tanzania Team 7

Tanzania Team 7
At the Morogoro Regional Commissioner Office

Wednesday, 28 September 2011

A Day of Polishing and Perfecting

Sub-Team 3 spent the day refining, revising and refurbishing our final report to our hosts. Each of us took charge of a different section and utilized our various skill sets - all of which couldn't be more diverse. We will come together later to standardize our formats - both linguistically and technologically. (I never realized that Word comes in an "Asian Version" with characters I've never seen before until I edited some of Yu Kit's text.) We will have to align all our inputs to come up with a unified whole but that shouldn't be a problem. We have learned so much about e-Learning in the short time we've been here that each of the five of us could probably teach a course on the intricacies and pitfalls of e-Learning policies and guidelines. As we head into the final stretch, we also have some additional activities planned in the outside world. Tomorrow we head to SUA University to give a presentation on IBM, the Corporate Service Corps and some of our Smarter Planet offerings. Friday we are going to do community service work for most of the day at the Amani Center, an orphanage about 15 minutes from Morogoro. More on our experiences later...



  1. Hello subteam 3, congratulations for your great experience in Tanzania. I would love to hear more about your e-learning experience, tools and ideas you learned in this project. Could you please get in touch with me? Cheers. Parhan