Tanzania Team 7

Tanzania Team 7
At the Morogoro Regional Commissioner Office

Wednesday, 28 September 2011

The Mid-Term review on Sept 26 at Dar Es Salaam

The whole CSC team returned to Dar on Sept 25 in preparation for the mid-term review on Sept 26 with their respective hosts. COSTECH hosted us to a traditional dinner at an African cultural center, and invited some of the students from their incubation programme.

The students were bright and personable, young men with a shared vision for a better Tanzania. Their projects were varied, ranging from mobile phone data backup to online sites for selling native craft.

On Sept 26, Subteam 3's mid-term review went off more smoothly than we'd hoped, but it was a packed day with a couple of interviews thrown in.

The CSC team were impatient to leave Dar at 4pm for what we now consider 'home' - Morogoro. The journey tool 4.5 hours, thanks to the traffic leaving Dar, and rain along the way, but a cheer went up for the bus driver when we finally turned into the driveway of the Arc hotel - and the cool and quiet, fresh air of Morogoro.

The hotel staff were as happy to us as we were them. And the next day, Chef Arnold organised a buffet lunch which we enjoyed at our favourite spot, in the open verandah of the restaurant, the inspiring sight of the Uluguru looming in the background.

Life is good.
Lee Yu Kit, Subteam 3.

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