Tanzania Team 7

Tanzania Team 7
At the Morogoro Regional Commissioner Office

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

We Have the Power

Sub Team 1 has been working with our host, Tanzania Posts Corporation (TPC) for almost two weeks now and have learned so much.  As a reminder, our task is to position TPC as a multi-agent provider.  We have narrowed our focus down to four main issues in agency services, international courier services, financial services and product offering consistency across the country.

We have conducted dozens of interviews, have received over 40 surveys and have gathered many data points.  We now have the power to take these data points, consolidate them, and develop findings that address the issues we are focusing on.  We will present these during our mid-term review on Monday in Dar es Salaam.  That is what is keeping us so busy now.  We are primarily working out of the hotel and gobbling up the broadband connection.

It is an exciting time – our team already has several recommendations in our minds and we are looking forward to further developing these in anticipation of our final report.  I’m amazed that we are already working towards the mid-term review.  Where has the time gone?

"We Have the Power" - An international fire hazard, indeed

The team learns about one of the payment systems used by TPC

- Andrew


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