Tanzania Team 7

Tanzania Team 7
At the Morogoro Regional Commissioner Office

Friday, 16 September 2011

We met smart and wonderful people in Tanzania

My team is working on the Tanzania Posts Corporation (TPC) engagement.Our host, the TPC is absolutely wonderful. I met very smart professionals, for example, the staff from the marketing and e-business departments, demonstrated an edge. TPC as many Tanzanian I met are very friendly, natural and cooperative.

I discussed with them their strategy, including the SWOT Analysis, the PESTEL Analysis, and so forth.I proposed to them the Strategic Capability Network technique as a way to take the Strategy Plan to the next level of bringing it to reality.

I think that techniques and ability of bringing plans to reality is an area that requires attention in Tanzania. I think that professionals are focusing on the theory part, which is good, but needs to be balanced with the practical side.

Hassan Elsetohy
IBM Australia

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