Tanzania Team 7

Tanzania Team 7
At the Morogoro Regional Commissioner Office

Monday, 19 September 2011

Morogoro Region's School of Public Health

CSC Sub-Team 3 had another great day at Morogoro Region's School of Public Health where we met three of the tutors (teachers) who are on the front lines of crafting Morogoro's e-Learning vision - and hopefully the nation at large. Elizabeth Kiula, Sister Aloysia Masoy and Jafari Ally Mussa had just finished an e-Learning course three weeks ago and were enthusiastic about how e-Learning can be successfully deployed to build the numbers of health care workers in Tanzania. While team member Fiona Robertson was talking with Distance Learning Director Sister Aloysia, a man arrived who had come from a rural area to claim his hard-earned diploma: his six-year studies by postal correspondence course had finally paid off with a full-fledged degree. It was an inspiring story - and a real-life example - of the importance of the work we are doing here. Just imagine the resources saved (including photocopying reams and reams of paper) if students could train via the myriad methods of e-Learning, which include using a combination of flash drives, DVDs, web-based services or other media to carry out course work. We are all very inspired to help the tutors and administrators build capacity and get more students into the healthcare learning pipeline.

-Debra and Fiona

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